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About the service

Our Visit and Fit service aims to reduce demand for water in our region. It is being trialled in your area so we can gain customer feedback and decide if this is service we want to provide to our customers in the future.

Questions and Answers

  1. Why has my property been selected for inclusion in the study?
    • We have selected at random properties in postcodes X,Y,Z and your household is one of those invited to participate.
  2. Do I have to participate?
    • No, the trial is entirely voluntary. However, by taking part in the project you’ll benefit from useful water saving devices and you could see a reduction in your water and energy bills. These devices normally retail at between £15 and £25 each, but we’ll provide and fit them free of charge.
  3. What do I have to do now?
    • Just confirm your participation by completing the short form and returning to us in the prepaid envelope by DD MM 2018.
  4. If I reply will I definitely be in the trial?
    • The trial aims to deliver the service to 500 customers and will be offered on a “first come first served basis”. We have invited a limited number of customers to participate and we hope to include all properties who agree to take part but cannot guarantee this.
  5. What will happen next?
    • Our partners, Aqualogic, are managing the trial on our behalf and will contact you shortly to arrange an appointment. Aqualogic will arrange a date and time for a plumbing technician to visit your property. The technician will assess and discuss the service we can provide to your home and complete the installation of suitable devices in your kitchen and bathroom. If you are on a metered supply the technician will take a meter reading while at your property. The technician will leave you full instructions and a contact details if you need to contact Aqualogic or Yorkshire Water as a result of the products after the visit.
  6. Will I definitely receive free devices
    • We hope to provide all participating customers with free devices, however this will depend on your existing fittings and the suitability of your home to the products on offer.
  7. Will the information supplied by me be used for any other purpose than the trial?
    • No. All information collated will be expressly used for this trial and not passed to any third parties.
  8. What devices will be installed in my property?
    • Our skilled plumbing technicians will be able to advise you on the water saving devices available. Some or all of the following devices could be fitted (subject to your agreement):
      • Toilet retrofit devices – designed to convert your existing toilet cistern to dual flush
      • Cistern Displacement device that reduces the volume of your toilet
      • Water saving shower heads – reduce water use without reducing practical performance.
      • Tap inserts – reduces tap flows without reducing the “feel good” factor.
  9. Are the technicians qualified?
    • Yes, the technicians helping us with this trial are fully qualified and registered plumbers. They’ve undertaken full training and are familiar with our working practices. All technicians will carry relevant identification and will know your password (provided by you on the questionnaire).
  10. How long will the home visit take?
    • The home visit generally lasts around one hour and will be arrange at a time to suit you.
  11. Do I have to do anything during the visit?
    • We require someone over 18 to be present in your home during the visit to answer some simple questions on your families’ water use and the water using appliances in your home. At the end of the visit we will ask for some feedback on the service you have received.
  12. When will the trial take place?
    • The home visits are planned to start July 2018. Our technicians will visit your home once to install the water saving devices at an agreed time and date between July 2018 and September 2018.
  13. What happens if I change my mind?
    • You can opt out of the trial at any point. If you do arrange a home visit and during the visit decide you would not like any of the devices on offer installed, just let our technician know.
  14. What happens if I want to remove the devices after the home visit?
    • If you are not happy with any of the products we will arrange an appointment with you for a technician to visit your property and remove the devices.
  15. How long will the devices last?
    • The devices should last for many years, we provide a one year warranty on the devices.
  16. Do I need to do anything after the visit?
    • Up to twelve months after your visit, we may contact you to request you complete a short feedback form on the devices installed at your property. You are under no obligation to return the survey.
  17. What happens in case of an emergency?
    • Our technician will provide you with a free phone number. If the cause of the problem is due to the devices fitted as part of the trial, you will be able to contact a helpline that will arrange for a prompt visit by our technician to fix the problem. For any other issues not related to the trial you can also use this number: 0333 240 0266
If you have any queries regarding the Visit and Fit Service, please contact the team on: 0333 240 0266

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