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At Yorkshire Water we want to help our customers reduce their daily water demand. This will reduce both the amount of water we take from the environment and the investment we make to maintain supplies to our customers, which will help keep your bills low.

At no cost to you we’re offering you the opportunity to have your home professionally assessed for water efficiency and as part of that visit we’ll install water efficient products in your home. The products offered include aerated shower heads, tap inserts and toilet cistern devices. We will also identify any leaks in your toilet and where possible fix for free.

Products will only be installed at with your agreement and if they are suitable to your property. By saving water you can help the environment and you may see a reduction in your water bill (if you pay for a metered supply) and energy bills by reducing your hot water use.

It’s easy to get involved

We’ve teamed up with Aqualogic, specialists in delivering water efficiency, to deliver this service in your area.

If you decide to take part, one of Aqualogic’s plumbing technicians will visit your home to identify how you can reduce your water use. You can then select the free water saving products you would like installed and the specially trained technician will install the products for you, while also giving you tips and advice as to how you can change your usage habits to save water.

Click here to view our FAQ section, or alternatively call us on: 0333 240 0266

If you’d like to take part, please complete the form below:


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