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Toilet Spares & Accessories

ecoBETA Dual Flush Conversion Kit

£20.50 exc VAT

Combat drought and help to reduce your household water bill by only flushing the right amount when to need to.
Do you always need a full flush? No!

Toilet Spares & Accessories

Save A Flush Bag 1.2 Litre

£2.25 exc VAT

Save a Flush drops into your cistern and saves around 1 litres on every flush, They are best suited to most modern cisterns larger than 6 litres.

Out of stock

Toilet Spares & Accessories

8 ½” (3 Part) Metro Dual Flush Siphon

£15.50 exc VAT

6/4 Litre water saving flushing.

  • Easy to remove upper section to allow maintenance without the need to remove the cistern. Complete with Internal Overflow.
  • Flush Rate: 1.9
  • Mechanism Base (inches): 1.5>Water Saving: Dual Flush
  • Control System: Lever


Toilet Spares & Accessories

Cistern Dam

£2.60 £2.07 exc VAT

The Cistern Dam will save up to 30% of water on every single flush.

Quick and easy to install, No need for maintenance, No stagnant water problems.

Toilet Spares & Accessories

Adjustable Height Dual Flush Siphon

£18.30 exc VAT

The Motion from Derwent Macdee is a unique all-in-one universal dual flush syphon unit. The Macdee Motion syphon features water saving dual flush capabilities with a large selection of flush volume settings. The syphon features a unique adjustable design which adjusts from 7.5" to 10.5" which is the widest range on the market.

Toilet Spares & Accessories

Hippo Bag 9 Litre

£2.49 exc VAT

Hippo the Water Saver is for those of you with larger toilet cisterns. The Hippo works best in toilets which are 9 litres or more. These are usually older than 20 years.

Toilet Spares & Accessories

9″ Dual Flush Siphon – 2 Piece

£21.50 exc VAT

An alternative option to the dual flush valve, this is a complete siphon, the 9" Dual Flush Siphon - 2 Piece. This product uses the traditional handle method, whereby the user presses and releases the lever for a full flush, and presses and holds the lever down for a reduced flush. Available in 9" . In order to determine the correct size, the depth of water in the cistern must be obtained.

2 piece units allow replacement of the siphon section in the case of failure without having to remove back nut or break apart close couple WC.

Toilet Spares & Accessories

Toilet Leak Detection Strip

£1.66 exc VAT

Are you leakwise? Use these handy leak detection strips in your loo or toilet to see if you have any internal leaking. If you suspect you have a leak visit:

Toilet Spares & Accessories

Dual Flush Valve – 2 Piece

£12.00 exc VAT

Water Saving Dual Flush Valve to replace old fashioned syphon. Complemented with either our side or bottom entry fill valve can give up to 50% Water Saving. 1.5" outlet, Fits most standard cisterns, Flush button can be fitted in any position, Internal overflow. Quick and easy to install, Half flush and Full flush volume can be adjusted, 8" - 13" adjustable fill height.

Toilet Spares & Accessories

Ezy Peezy Flush Saver Pack of 6

£12.50 exc VAT

The Ezy Peezy is a simple, but revolutionary product which will turn even the thirstiest of toilets into a water saving hero!

£68.00 exc VAT

The JollyTronic is an advanced no-touch dual flushing kit that operates via a no-touch infra-red signal that is perfect for commercial or domestic use. It is operated via motion, which means it is very easy to use, as well as being hygienic at the same time. The end user can also determine how long the flush will last via an Eco-Stop Mechanism, which means that they remain in total control of their own water consumption.

Toilet Spares & Accessories

Eco Fill Valve Side Entry

£12.00 exc VAT

Our Eco Water Saving side or bottom entry fill valves complement any Dual flush valve or siphon - You can save up to a further 1 litre per flush.The secondary chamber stops cistern refilling while in flushing motion.

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