Water Saving Taps

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Water Saving Taps

Inefficient taps in washrooms as well as within domestic environments can be a terrible source of wastage through both leaks and uncontrolled use. Taps can be inadvertently left running, dripping, or with a flow rate unsuitable to the type of use required. At Aqualogic we have put together a range of new and retro fitting taps, all water efficient, all WRAS accredited and all perfect for use.

We have included within our range complete and retro fit push taps, which will automatically release a short flow of water to a given pre set time; we have ‘non touch’ sensor taps, which respond to hand movement and turn off after a pre set time; and we have simple stylish water efficient taps.

£98.00 exc VAT

The AQT985CP is a single lever sequential spray mixer tap that will provide a spray of water, giving cold to hot with 180 degree of movement of the lever handle via a ceramic disc cartridge. This contemporary design delivers 3.6 lpm at a pressure of 0.5 bar. For pressures under 0.5 bar the limiter insert may need to be removed to effect a suitable spray pattern.

£58.00 £26.63 exc VAT

Enviro-Klick technology, can achieve substantial reduction in water consumption when compared to a standard tap. On full flow, Enviro-Klick delivers 4% less water than a standard tap cartridge, however when used on the middle setting of 'reduced flow', Enviro-Klick delivers 80% less water than a standard tap cartridge on full. With three settings, off, reduced flow and full flow, there is greater resistance to switch from reduced flow to full flow, encouraging use of Enviro-Klick's water saving setting. Fitted with a 4Lpm regulator.

£415.84 £200.00 exc VAT

The worlds first and only auto tap for your home kitchen. Hello is battery operated and available in a wide range of colours to suit your tastes. Hello is also available in curved or angled neck. The beauty of Hello is that is not only looks good, but is totally functional and practical. Dual sensors mean that the tap operates like a standard sensor tap, but also has the ability to run for longer periods to fill sinks or pans, yet leaving your hands free from potential food contamination.

Clearance Offer, 3 month Warranty

£81.00 exc VAT

This WRAS Approved sequential tap is ideal for use in washroom areas where safety control is important. Suitable for use with 'Doc M' installations, schools, sports and leisure centres and other unsupervised areas. The simple operation of the tap makes it ideal for users with reduced mobility. Two flexible hoses included, Extended lever option, Patented second flow, limiter, Chrome finish.

£284.00 £184.00 exc VAT

The 78006 model is a Chrome, Battery operated, infrared lever mixer tap. The discreet lever allows the user to set the desired.
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£311.00 exc VAT

The 79806 model is a Chrome, Battery operated, infra-red under basin mixer tap. The underbasin mixer prevents users from changing the water temperature in areas where anti-vandal standards are desired. The site owner can set the desired tempetature by moving the lever located under the sink. If you require thermo-mixing valves, these are available in our accessory section.

£284.00 £175.00 exc VAT

The 28106 model is a Chrome, 230v infra-red tap for pre-mixed water. For mixer or battery versions please contact us.
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£28.00 exc VAT

The only WRAS approved tap conversion on the market. Durable brass construction.
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Kitchen Taps

Sink Mono Mixer

£79.00 exc VAT

Contempoary mono mixer with tilt and turn temperature/flow control.
Supplied with water saving 8Lpm aerator.

£304.00 exc VAT

Cento Electronic Sensor Tap - Battery Powered Pre Mix 180mm Spout - Minimal in its shape, super-technological in its functions. Cento Tap is a tap that surprises you for its strong but elegant line. But what makes it unique is the electronics, all inside it, that transforms it into a high technology component that can guarantee immediate and substantial water savings. It is available in 3 versions.

£72.00 exc VAT

Need a complete push tap with water saving regulated and aerated flow? This unit includes the (WRAS approved) Retro-fit push valve and a stylish standard 1/2" basin tap base pre-fitted with a 4 litres per minute aerator and housing. You just need to fit the new base then add the Retro-fit Tap supplied. Set your desired 'shut-off' time and start saving water.

£280.00 exc VAT

The CLASS Electronic Tap is a three-photocell electronic tap, more comfortable to use since it can be activated within an ultra-sensitive range of action, 120 degrees wide. It is also an all-in-one product since the electronic and mechanical parts are all included in the body, with great advantages in terms of installation ease.

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