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Tap Regulators

The Aqualogic range of Regulators is perfect for retro fitting to existing taps; the Regulators reduce the flow of water to the outlet by introducing air into the water flow, thereby saving water and money. Our Regulators can be purchased as separate units or with the chrome housing (M22 or M24). Installation of the Regulators is simple and no experience is required. Our Tap Regulators are ‘anti liming’ and come in a variety of flow rates starting at 2.5 litres per minute (lpm), 4lpm, 5lpm, 6lpm, 8lp, and 10lpm.

We offer three types of flow being: spray, clear flow or aerated (Champagne). For commercial washrooms we have a vandal proof housing with a vandal proof key (sold separately). We also offer a unique Regulator Kit that satisfies the demand for most threaded outlets without the need to replace the housing.

£54.00 exc VAT

This mixing valve delivers safe, blended hot water to taps, showers and other water outlets, making it ideal for use in hospitals, care establishments, schools and leisure centres. Has been independently tested and approved by the TMV3 scheme as a type 3 valve under the requirements of the National Health Service - Model Engineering Specification - DO8.

£5.00 exc VAT

The 4 Litres Per Minute In Line Flow Regulator is a chromed 15mm compression fitting 'Ball-o-fix' valve fitted with a 'Neoperl' WRAS Approved Regulator.
Reduces flow to 4 litres per minute.

£6.50 exc VAT

This regulator has 1/2" BSP male and female threads and can fit many applications. Designed for fitting to wash hand basin tap bases where the tap spout is unsuitable for aerators, but suitable for any 1/2" outlet (including shower heads).

£5.00 exc VAT

Isolate and regulate the flow to any water fitting.
Chromed 15mm Compression fitting. Supplied fitted with a WRAS approved 6 Lpm regulator from Neoperl ® .

£2.92 exc VAT

Water saving tap outlet kit. These little adaptors fit onto the outlet of threaded taps and save water and energy by mixing water with air and making the flow look great.

£11.50 exc VAT

Isolate and regulate the flow to any water fitting. With Neoperl ® built in. Easy isolation and maintenance of the regulator with this cartridge system.

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