Hand Held Shower Heads

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Hand Held Shower Heads

At Aqualogic we’ve scoured the world to bring you the best possible range of hand held shower heads money can buy. We’ve looked at a number of key areas when selecting our range. We’ve considered aesthetics, how the shower head looks; we’ve looked at functionality and how much water is used per minute; the most important area we’ve considered is the overall user experience and ensuring that this is not negatively affected by the shower head.

Our selection of hand held shower heads give an invigorating showering experience while still saving water and money. We look to a flow rate of around 8 litres per minute against a typical mains pressured shower which uses around 15 litres per minute, giving a saving of around 7 litres per minute. Highlights of the hand held shower range include the Aquair Typhoon single function shower head and the Aquair Nimbus multi function shower head.

£10.00 £5.00 exc VAT

Aqualogic's Hand Held Aerated Water Saving Shower Head. This item is WRAS approved and is listed on the ECA technology List, and boasts an impressive flow rate of 8 litres per minute.

£20.00 £17.25 exc VAT

The most invigorating water saving shower available in the UK! Rapidly becoming the most popular bathroom must have of the 21st Century, say hello to the Aerated Water Saving Shower Head Aquair Typhoon. Aquair offers the latest design in style, luxury and performance. Yet it has a secret.... It saves water! And lot's of it. Aquair is designed to deliver an optimum 7.6 litres every minute as opposed to water wasters that deliver 12, 15 or even 25 litres every minute.

£30.00 £19.50 exc VAT

The newest addition to the Aquair shower head family, the Aerated Water Saving Shower Head Aquair Nimbus. This water saving 3 function handset allows you to adjust the spray to the pattern you desire, while providing a luxurious aerated showering experience at an eco flow setting of 7.6 litres per minute.

£16.00 exc VAT

The Hydroline Venturi Handset provides a simple and cost effective solution to water efficient showering: Providing a jet of aerated water at maximum of 8 litres per minute from the centre of the fascia. Chrome ABS. Min operating pressure 1 bar.

£18.00 exc VAT

The 415 AG+ Anti Bacterial Hand Held Shower Head was designed and manufactured in the UK incorporating a patented volumiser technology. These units reduce flow whilst at the same time maintaining the level of performance that you require.

£25.00 exc VAT

This water saving 3 function hand held shower head comes supplied with 8 litres per minute regulator. Chrome ABS
Minimum 1 bar operating pressure.

Hand Held Shower Heads

Maku Satinjet Hand Held Shower Head

£17.25 exc VAT

This shower operates using the 'Satinjet' technology to aerate the water. (See below for details). Supplied with an optional 9 litre per minute regulator that fits into the shower hose connection. The regulator should not be used on Electric instantaneous showers.  

Hand Held Shower Heads

Satinjet Awatea Hand Held Shower Kit

£200.00 exc VAT

The Awatea Shower Head provides a Unique push button action to change spray pattern (Satinjet and massage). Easy clean face plate to remove lime scale build-up, dishwasher safe.

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