Fixed Head Shower Heads

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Fixed Head Shower Heads

Even if you have a fixed head shower head you can still save water with a water efficient shower head. A typical fixed shower head on a typical mains pressure shower, using a fixed shower head from the Aqualogic range of shower heads this can be reduced to around 8 litres per minute.

That’s a 7 litres a minute saving and a 35 litre saving for a 5 minute shower. Within our range of fixed shower heads we’ve standard heads as well as anti vandal shower heads, designed for environments such as prisons, youth detention centres and schools where longevity as well as anti vandal and anti ligature are essential requirements. The Aquair Monsoon is our ‘best seller’ fixed shower heads and offers a stylish chrome ABS shower head with a swivel joint and an efficient 8 litre per minute flow rate

Anti Vandal Shower Heads

Anti Ligature Shower Head Round

£91.00 exc VAT
£95.00 £30.00 exc VAT
£34.00 £5.00 exc VAT
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Fixed Head Shower Heads

Satinjet Awatea Massaging Shower Head

£110.00 exc VAT

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