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According to Waterwise outdoor water usage can be as much as 7% of your overall water usage; during the summer this figure can be as high as 50%. At Aqualogic we can help you reduce this figure with a range of useful and innovative products for outside your property. Massive savings can be made in the garden, you can make use of natural rainwater (which is free) by installing a water butt and using the rain to water the garden.

Checkout our wide range of standard water butts from the small 100 litre water butt, conveniently designed with a small footprint, to our largest standard water butt with an impressive capacity of 250 litres. We’ve also a great range of decorative water butts to turn your water butt into an exciting garden feature. We’ve also a great range of hose guns to control and reduce the usage when using a hose to water your garden.

£6.66 exc VAT

A great product designed to prevent thousands of litres of water being wasted every hour. With 5 spray patterns you can sprinkle rather then splurt. Complete with tap and hose attachments this is ready to go.

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