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Outdoor water usage can be surprisingly substantial, amounting to an average of 7% over a year and rising to as much as 50% during the summer. But don’t worry, at Aqualogic we’ve got it covered with lots of innovative and surprising solutions to help you conserve and save water as well as money.

We’ve not only thought of the garden and how to save water there, but we’ve also considered outdoors in winter and how to avoid burst pipes which can be incredibly destructive to your property and also waste thousands of litres of water. Our range of water butts is unique and can’t be found anywhere else. We’ve a selection of standard water butts ranging in size from our space saver with a 100 litre capacity to our largest standard water butt with a massive 250 litre capacity, each one coming as standard, with the butt, a child safe lid, a stand and a rain water diverter. Our decorative butts offer a creative solution with unique designs and vibrant colours (rainwater diverter optional extra – check details) Plus we’ve a wide range of accessories to compliment some of your other products.


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The Strata 100 Litre Slimline Water Butt is ideal for all types of water collection that has a down pipe from the guttering. The rounded design makes this water butt aesthetically pleasing no matter where it is placed outside or in the garden. Lockable lid for security, Water exit tap, 4 piece stand and Classic Ward Green in colour.


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This nifty innovative device allows the downpipe to be cut with a holesaw (provided) and the connector is imply inserted into the hole and tightened up.

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The Draper 180 Litre compost tumbler's spinning action mixes the contents and accelerates the composting process. Aerating the mixture allows the naturally occurring bacteria to work faster and can deliver finished compost much quicker than traditional composters.

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The Green Cone is a food waste digester that has been wonderfully created along with ease of usability. Nothing could be simpler than finding a sunny, well drained area in your garden where you can dig the Green Cone in and let it do its work, allowing nature to get going.

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The HotBin MK2  Compost Bin 200 Litre "hot composts" all year round to recycle your food and garden waste faster. You can expect a rich compost every 90 days with no need to turn the waste, as the HOTBIN maximises the perfect conditions to make hot composting easy.


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A great product designed to prevent thousands of litres of water being wasted every hour. With 5 spray patterns you can sprinkle rather then splurt. Complete with tap and hose attachments this is ready to go.

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The Rainwater Terrace is a new concept in rainwater collection enabling you to reuse valuable rainwater and 'grow-your-own' plants all in one stylish unit.

The Rainwater Terrace Two Tier can store a maximum of 134 litres of rainwater.

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This coupling connects two water butts together, doubling the storage capacity.

£24.96 exc VAT

The Whitefurze 100 litre Water Butt Kit comes complete with stand, diverter, tap, t-piece and flexible hose.

Designed to easily fit in a corner, the Whitefurze 100 litre Butt cleverly makes maximum use of the space available.

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Insulates tap against frost and ice*. The tap can be used with the cover in place via a removable top cap and nozzle plug. Designed to suit BS1010/2 hose union bib tap (1/2 inch/15mm), with or without double check valve configuration. *In periods of sub zero temperature it is advisable to drain the system. Use the tap jacket to ensure that your tap stays protected. This jacket is designed to reduce exposure to the elements that some types of jacket or cup cannot.

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