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Flow Controls

Whether you have taps, showers or toilets, if the flow rate is greater than required you will be losing water and money. Our unique range of products to help save water cover all areas of water use for a domestic property or non domestic property. Uncontrolled water usage can waste thousands of pounds a year. For a small investment in a flow control for a urinal, regulator for shower or aerator for your tap you can save more than you invest in a short period of time. An uncontrolled urinal typically waste around 200-300 M3 of water per year.

Urinal controls limit the amount of water flushed needlessly down the drain and only allow flushing when in typically giving a 60% saving. Leaking taps can waste at least 5,500 litres of water a year, over use in commercial washrooms can be sometimes 100 times more – fit a tap aerator or regulator and this wastage can be history.

£65.00 exc VAT

230v 15mm 'Full Bore' Solenoid Valve for 230v Controllers.

£115.00 exc VAT

Zonal Water Control within a property: Bespoke designs that enable flow of water to be isolated in times of non-occupancy - thus avoiding unwanted water usage. Operation via main PIR or manual 6v battery controllers. Mains units can also activate local lighting.

£90.00 exc VAT

230v 22mm 'Full Bore' Solenoid Valve for 230v Controllers.

£50.00 exc VAT

This control unit was designed to operate a solenoid valve to isolate water to any building or specific area. Powered by 2 x lithium batteries it will open or close a 6v solenoid valve at the turn of a knob and should last from 2 to 5 years. Can be mounted up to 50m away from valve, connected with a simple 0.5mm cable/flex. The solenoid valves are available in 15mm or 22mm compression sizes.

£54.00 exc VAT

This mixing valve delivers safe, blended hot water to taps, showers and other water outlets, making it ideal for use in hospitals, care establishments, schools and leisure centres. Has been independently tested and approved by the TMV3 scheme as a type 3 valve under the requirements of the National Health Service - Model Engineering Specification - DO8.

£5.00 exc VAT

The 4 Litres Per Minute In Line Flow Regulator is a chromed 15mm compression fitting 'Ball-o-fix' valve fitted with a 'Neoperl' WRAS Approved Regulator.
Reduces flow to 4 litres per minute.

£65.00 exc VAT

To be used in conjunction with Hydrocheck 'Manual' Control Unit:'AQHYCK'
15mm compression fittings
Full Bore 6v Brass Solenoid Valve

£6.50 exc VAT

This regulator has 1/2" BSP male and female threads and can fit many applications. Designed for fitting to wash hand basin tap bases where the tap spout is unsuitable for aerators, but suitable for any 1/2" outlet (including shower heads).

£90.00 exc VAT

To be used in conjunction with Hydrocheck 'Manual' Control Unit:'AQHYCK'
22mm compression fittings
Full Bore 6v Brass Solenoid Valve

£5.00 exc VAT

Isolates and regulates to the flow to any water fitting to 10 litres per minute.

£15.00 exc VAT

The Remote PIR is used for locations where detection is required in a number of areas: For example, if used to detect multiple entrances or urinal areas. The PIR unit consists of standard white enclosure unit which uses a low voltage 3 core signal cable that can be connected to any 230v Hydrocheck or Hydromate controller.

£5.00 exc VAT

Isolate and regulate the flow to any water fitting.
Chromed 15mm Compression fitting. Supplied fitted with a WRAS approved 6 Lpm regulator from Neoperl ® .

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