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Water Butt Set 200 Litre :: Free Watering Can


FREE 6.5 Litre Watering Can when purchasing this water butt, and FREE shipping!

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HotBin MK2 Compost Bin 200 Litre

£178.16 exc VAT

The HotBin MK2  Compost Bin 200 Litre “hot composts” all year round to recycle your food and garden waste faster. You can expect a rich compost every 90 days with no need to turn the waste, as the HOTBIN maximises the perfect conditions to make hot composting easy.

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200 Litre Water Butt Set :: Buy One Get One Half Price


Buy one get one half price! and FREE shipping!

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100 Litre Slimline Water Butt Set (inc 4 part stand & filler)


FREE Shipping!

The Strata 100 Litre Slimline Water Butt is ideal for all types of water collection that has a down pipe from the guttering. The rounded design makes this water butt aesthetically pleasing no matter where it is placed outside or in the garden. Lockable lid for security, Water exit tap, 4 piece stand and Classic Ward Green in colour.

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Dudley Kinetic Infrared Urinal Control – Grey Control w/Grey Valve

£175.00 exc VAT

Introducing Kinetic – the new, intelligent urinal flushing control from Dudley. Attractively styled, multi-functional and simple to install and set-up. The Kinetic has been designed to reduce water consumption in commercial washroom installations.

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Hydrocell 18 – Urinal Control Kit 6v

£155.00 exc VAT

Hydrocell 18 Urinal Control Kit
Typically saves 60% on water charges and pays for itself within three months.  WRAS Approved IRN 075 Complaint
Kit Contents: Hydrocell PIR Controller, Brass 15mm Solenoid Valve and pre-wired Valve plug with 1m Flex

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Retrofit Push Tap – Standard 1/2″ (Incl BS1010 adapter)

£28.00 exc VAT

The only WRAS approved tap conversion on the market. Durable brass construction.
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Aerated Water Saving Shower Head Aquair Typhoon

£20.00 exc VAT

The most invigorating water saving shower available in the UK! Rapidly becoming the most popular bathroom must have of the 21st Century, say hello to the Aerated Water Saving Shower Head Aquair Typhoon.
Aquair offers the latest design in style, luxury and performance. Yet it has a secret…. It saves water! And lot’s of it. Aquair is designed to deliver an optimum 7.6 litres every minute as opposed to water wasters that deliver 12, 15 or even 25 litres every minute.

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